Information speech script | oral communication | University of Illinois at Springfield

I need a manuscript for the video that I will be recording. The information speech can be a topic of your choice. Below are the assignments requirements.

You will need a minimum of 4 credible sources used as supporting material for your speech. Only 1 of the 4 sources can be a website.

Prepare a speech that provides information on a subject of your choosing – remember you’re not changing our opinions-Develop a clear thesis statement -Organize the body of the speech with an appropriate structure and an appropriate number of main points. (3 main points)-Prepare supporting materials that include information gained from outside sources.-Appropriately orally document the outside sources used in the speech.-Prepare an introduction and conclusion, with appropriate components. Include a preview and review statement.-Prepare up to 4-5 note cards for the presentation of the speech (using appropriate limited speaking outline notes—NOT A MANUSCRIPT).-Practice the speech (aloud) many times.-Turn in one typed copy of your outline to your instructor.-Speak between 5 and 7 minutes.-A visual aid is required.-Speak extemporaneously.