Infancy & Toddlerhood Observation Pre-Work

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These pre-work assignments are designed to help you manage your time and expectations prior to the completion of the larger observation and analysis assignments. In your pre-work assignment, you will outline your plan or selection for the observation activity. Specifically, please provide the following information in your submission:

  1. Selection
  2. Rationale for your selection (e.g. will it be easy or convenient for you in some way?)
  3. Resources you will need (including other people, places, events, or opportunities)
  4. Time you anticipate it will take
  5. Schedule detailing when you plan to complete the observation activity

For this specific pre-work assignment on Infancy & Toddlerhood, you will be examining a private space and a public space for specific resources and safety features related to children and parenting. In this assignment, identify a private space and a public space that you will visit for this observation activity.

NOTE: You do NOT have to observe children/families directly. You are observing the features of the space as it relates to children and families and how they would move and be included (or not) in the space. For the full assignment, you will be thinking about questions like: Would they be safe? Is this child-friendly?

  • Examples of private space
    • home
    • apartment
    • other spaces not available to the general public
  • Examples of public space
    • community park
    • campus buildings (not residence halls)
    • grocery and department stores
    • sporting event locations
    • other public-serving spaces in your community
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