If you were to give advice to a student on how to write an expository


In addition, please include as your final page a one page, double spaced reflection on your writing process for this essay.

Reflection on What You Learned

Thinking Critically

To think critically means to use all of the knowledge you have acquired from the information covered during this section of our course: your reading, your own writing, the writing and responses of other students and class discussions to reflect deeply on your work for this assignment and the genre of writing you produced.

The benefit of thinking critically is proven and important. Thinking critically about what you have learned will help you remember it longer, ensuring that you will be able to put it to good use well beyond this writing course.

Over the past few weeks, you learned a great deal about this genre. Now, I would like you to take some time to reflect not only on what you learned but how you learned it.

  • If you were to give advice to a student on how to write an expository essay, what wold you tell them?
  • Discuss hat you learned about your self as a writer and researcher in the process of writing this essay.
  • If you had more time to work on your essay, how would you spend it?

its a one page, double spaced, reflection answering some questions about the pape (I have a follow up assignment for this paper)Attached below