If The Company In Problem 23 Were To Operate Three

If the company in Problem 2.3 were to operate three shifts (6000 hr/yr) instead of one shift, determine the answers to (a), (b), and (c).
Problem 2.3
The XYZ Company is planning to introduce a new product line and will build a new factory to produce the parts and assembly the final products for the product line. The new product line will include 100 different models. Annual production of each model is expected to be 1000 units. Each product will be assembled of 600 components. All processing of parts and assembly of products will be accomplished in one factory. There are an average of 10 processing steps required to produce each component, and each processing step takes 30 sec. (includes an allowance for setup time and part handling). Each final unit of product takes 3.0 hours to assemble. All processing operations are performed at work cells that each includes a production machine and a human worker. Products are assembled on single workstations consisting of two workers each. If each work cell and each workstation require 200 ft2, and the factory operates one shift (2000 hr/yr), determine:
(a) How many production operations,
(b) How much floor space, and
(c) How many workers will be required in the plant?

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