I put the outline under here. Please follow the outline and

I put the outline under here. Please follow the outline and finish 4 page essay, MLA format, double space, Thesis: The robots in Transformers symbolize the struggle between the American military and evil terrorists. Introduction: Set the story, identify good and evil- name the charactersUltimately, the two sides of the robots show the potential for the future of technology.ThesisBody Paragraph 1: The autobots symbolize the fight against terror. Autobot killed by decepticon- sacrificed his own life for the good of humans, this is symbolic of the many soldiers who have given their lives in the fight against terrorism. (Give one example and quote for soldiers give his life for his faith as evidence) Autobots stand for freedom, equality for all.Body Paragraph 2: The decepticons symbolize the radical terrorists. Decepticons want to change the world, and make the world their motherland = ISIS, want to make entire world the motherland. (give one example and quote for ISIS’s doing as evidence)No regard for human life, no mercy * suicide bombers for ISIS killing innocent people Body Paragraph 3: 55-The result of the struggle symbolizes that good will always overcome evil.Shows the belief that we will overcome ISISWorldwide Commitment to Peace Conclusion: