I need to write one a primary posting is a direct response t

I need to write one a primary posting is a direct response to the initial question posted. The answer should be atleast 300 words, posted on time and answer the question using the textbook (and additionalappropriate’ sources, if needed) with critical thinking skills and analysis of the concepts.the question is: I have to chose one of these question:Please respond to one of the following for your primary posting. Please indicate which one you are responding to by indicating the scenario number.1) You are a BCBA who is opening a private practice in your local community. Draft a paragraph that you could use in a brochure, newsletter, or on a website to share information with potential clients and the community about your services. Please individualize it so that it is related to an area in which you will most likely practice upon receiving your certification (even if you anticipate primarily working in academia…consider your area of experience and expertise when writing the paragraph (eg: working with youth, young adults, individuals with developmental disabilities, etc)). 2) You have been asked to speak at a parent group meeting for parents of children with autism regarding ABA. After your presentation, several parents begin asking you about your work and if you provide private services. The parents ask if you could provide an assessment and services for their child. How would you respond while abiding by the Code, particularly as it relates to public statements and solicitation of services?I will submit pictures of my book just one chapter.