I need a 15 page research paper including-4 pages in total

I need a 15 page research paper including:-4 pages in total is for the Annotated bibliography and research proposal in any page number you decide (but they should be different components. For instance 2 pages of Annotated bibliography and 2 pages of reading proposal or 1 to 3 ratio as you think is necessary).-11 pages for the actual research (excluding the reference or title page).The topic is open and up to you as long as it relates with the topic of the research course and its description which is included below.Format can be either MLA or APA. You need to make sure you are using at least 10 sources overall and include at least a few paraphrase and/or quetes from each source to back up the research. Thats all! :)———————————————-Here is the course title and description to which the research should be strongly related to:Hint: The main concepts out of the description have been underlined for you so you know where to direct your main focus on (you dont need to focus on all but at least a few key concepts are needed to be looked at)The Law and Policy Making in the New Economy: The nature and structure of work and the relationship between employers and workers have been changing significantly over the last two or three decades, and particularly more recently. These changes have been termed “the new economy”, with the result that the regulation of the workplace and of employer-employee relationships previously developed are no longer relevant in many situations. This course will address the major characteristics of and the process of developing policy to respond to the new economy, and considers what changes may be required to ensure the new economy meets the needs of all participants, employers and workers. Among the major changes are the following: the move towards post-industrial, service-based work; increased contracting out and off-shoring of work as a result of greater economic integration; the decline of the “standard employment relationship” based upon full-time, long-term employment, with regular hours and benefits, and the rise of part-time, temporary and contract work and self-employment, much of which is “precarious”; rapid technology change; and the increasing diversity of the workforce. We see a decline in unionization levels and thus of collective bargaining; certain demographic patterns among workers without any or adequate access to employment protection legislation; worker displacement through the decline in Canadian manufacturing and the impact of technology; a more complex relationship between requirements of family and work; and employers’ need for increased flexibility in the employment relationship—————————————————List of recommended Sources to use which you may find online: The End of Government as We Know It: Making Public Policy Work: Making Public Policy Work by Elaine C. Kamarck, Published February 15th 2007 by RoutledgeThe Truly Disadvantaged: The Inner City, the Underclass, and Public Policy by William Julius Wilson, Published October 15th 1990 by University Of Chicago PressMaking Policy Work by Peter John, Published April 6th 2011 by RoutledgeModern Labor Economics: Theory and Public Policy by Ronald G. Ehrenberg, Published April 1st 2005 by Addison Wesley LongmanPublic Administration and Law by David H. Rosenbloom, Rosemary O’Leary, Joshua M. Chanin, Published June 23rd 2010 by CRC Press