I am a student in education department. We need to explore 2

I am a student in education department. We need to explore 2 sources and write a brief evaluation of each source, only one paragraph per source. Total is going to be 2 paragraphs.The explanation of professor for the assignment is:Explore any 2 of the sources of texts listed below as ways to find books appropriate for young/adolescent readers. Please use these sources; do not substitute other ones of your own choosing. Write a brief evaluation of each source you explored, one paragraph per source. (Note: you must use at least one print or online source. I don’t want you to visit two ‘physical places’ as both of your sources — e.g., bookstore or library. Both sources may be print and/or online, however.). In each paragraph, consider:How is the source organized?How easy is it to locate information that you are interested in?How extensive or specialized is the information that is available?What interested or surprised you as you explored this source?What was difficult or frustrating about using this source?Sources of Texts:Bibliography of Non-Fiction Texts — scroll down on p. 1 to begin the list (Source: Daniels & Zemelman, Subjects Matter, 2004) NonFiction Book List from Subjects Matter text-1.pdf Lists from the American Library Association’s YALSA Best Books website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Barnes & Noble bookstore, Erie Boulevard (or a well-stocked bookstore near where you live) — Visit the Young Adult book section(s)Soule Branch of the Onondaga County Public Library (next to Le Moyne Plaza) or any public library near where you live — Visit the Young Adult book section (Not to be confused with the ‘urban literature’ section)National Council of Teachers of English: middle/high school journal, English JournalLinks to an external site. — regular Young Adult Literature column featured in back pages of every issueALANLinks to an external site. Archives: Monthly list of reviews of selected books for adolescent readers. Amazon.com: Begin with the Books for Teens and Young Adults page. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. The menu on the left gives you additional options.Goodreads (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. website — You can explore it with or without creating a free account. American Library Association’s ‘Banned and Challenged Books’ webpage Links to an external site.(included so that you can see the nature and variety of books listed– Many titles appear as recommended texts on other sites; however, others are definitely not appropriate for adolescents!)

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