Humanism and the roles of identity & culture in learning


Guiding Questions

  • What is culture and what is its role in teaching and learning?
  • How could a teacher’s identity and/or culture impact teaching and learning? 
  • How could a student’s identity and/or culture impact teaching and learning? 
  • What are culturally responsive pedagogy and culturally responsive teaching?
  • What is the difference between equity and equality?
  • Why might teachers embrace or reject CRT and CRP?


Before attending to this week’s readings, think about the questions above. Much like you would do a K-W-L Chart with your students; determine what you KNOW about the topic and what you WANT to KNOW about the topic. Your R2R Post will indicate what you LEARNED about this week’s content. Refer to the R2R details and the success criteria outlined in the Syllabus.


Optional Readings

Ladson-Billings: Yes, But How Do We Do It?Preview the document


ost a Reflective Response (R2R)  

  • Approximately 500 words in length
  • Post should be substantive demonstrating knowledge of the readings
  • Should address the Guiding Questions for the week
  • See Syllabus for Success Criteria