https//…Read th…Read the forward by Alicia Graf Mack, the Introduction, AND Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 from your text, “American Dance: The Complete Illustrated History.” After you have read the material, please submit the following in the form of a word document: 1. TEN facts of interest- List ten facts that you found interesting or new (5 points)2. Create FIVE questions based upon the readings that you would pose to students if you were the instructor. The purpose of questioning is for you to pay attention to what you are most curious about as a result of the readings. (5 points)3. Write and upload a one-page journal reflection in response to any part of the readings. Share something that you consider significant in your readings. Share any personal ideas, thoughts, feelings, or questions that arose as a result of your readings. (5 points)chapter 3-5Post one paragraph per chapter and respond to three other posts. 15 points for your own chapter paragraphs (5 points per chapter paragraph) plus 15 points for your responses to three other posts. (5 points per post).chapter 4-7Write two paragraphs per chapter on any aspect of dance that drew your attention. 1. What was interesting to you? Why? 2. Do you agree, disagree, or take issue with any of the information presented? Explain.for the chapter 1&2 i need get at tonight!!

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