https//…USERNAM…USERNAME;l13355466password; zoe123Children in these scenes are shown hitting or taking objects from one another. The girl in the red dress takes a rocking toy, but cries as though she were a victim.What might happen if you asked the children on the rocking toy, ‘Who started it?’If a caregiver were to comfort the girl in the red dress (because she is crying), what effect might that have?Are the actions in this segment aggressive? If so, what type of aggression is displayed? With young two-year-olds, what type of aggression is typical? How does it differ from aggression among children 5 to 10 years older?Is the crying child always the ‘victim’ of an interaction? In what ways can it be harmful to assign blame or punish the one whom the caregiver thinks ‘started it’?Among older children, what type of reaction would you probably get if you asked, ‘Who started it?