HRMA 3358 Rubric – Research Assignment

Hospitality Law
HRMA 3358
Rubric – Research Assignment
1. Writing (10 possible points):
• Grammar/Spelling/Punctuation (5 points)
• Style (3 points), in general:
Includes brief introduction/body/summary conclusion
Logical flow of information/well-organized
Appropriate and varied word choice
Does not
• Formatting (2 points)
Times New Roman 12 pt. font/2.0 (double) spacing/1-inch margins/title
page/Works Cited page at the end of the paper and in-text citations using MLA or
APA style. You can use either style for in-text citation and references. However,
you need to be consistent.
2. Content (70 possible points):
• Purpose (15 points)
o provides a clear thesis statement on a legal issue that is relevant to the hospitality
• Support (25 points)
o sets forth a balanced presentation of relevant and legitimate information that
clearly supports the purpose/thesis and accurately states the law
• Analysis (30 points)
o shows a thoughtful, in-depth analysis of the legal issue affecting the industry,
providing insight to the reader
3. Research (20 possible points):
• Quality of References
o Analysis is based on reliable sources (in other words, the reader should feel
confident in trusting the information provided). Examples of reliable sources are
statutes, regulations, cases, government documents, agency manuals, professional
journals or law reviews, peer-reviewed or scholarly articles, and industry
publications. Examples of sources that generally should not be cited are law firm
web sites, blogs, and Wikipedia (these sources could lead you to reliable sources,
o Includes at least four sources.
TOTAL of 100 possible points
Remember the 2000 word requirement (approximately 8 pages) is a recommendation for the
length of this paper. You will probably need 8 pages to adequately meet the “content”
requirements of this assignment.

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