Hoosier burger case: part 5.

a. Based on the information provided in the case scenario, what entities will Hoosier Burger need to store information about? 

      b. For the entities identified in part a, identify a set of attributes for each entity.

      c. Specify an identifier for each entity. What rules did you apply when selecting the identifier?

      d. Modify Figure 7-11 to reflect the addition of these new entities. Be sure to specify the cardinalities for each relationship.



Although Hoosier Burger is well recognized for its fast foods, especially the Hoosier Burger Special, plate lunches are also offered. These include such main menu items as barbecue ribs, grilled steak, meat loaf, and grilled chicken breast. The customer can choose from a variety of side items, including roasted garlic mashed potatoes, twice-baked potatoes, coleslaw, corn, baked beans, and Caesar salad.


Many downtown businesses often call and place orders for Hoosier Mighty Meals. These are combination meals consisting of a selection of main menu items and three side orders. The customer can request Hoosier Mighty Meals to feed 5, 10, 15, or 20 individuals. As a convenience to its business customers, Bob and Thelma allow business customers to charge their order. Once each month, a bill is generated and sent to those business customers who have charged their orders. Bob and Thelma have found that many of their business customers are repeat customers and often place orders for the same Hoosier Mighty Meals. Bob asks you if it is possible to track a customer’s order history, and you indicate that it is indeed possible.