History between 1607-1861

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• 1200-1500 words – Shorter will be penalized. – Longer is acceptable provided it is because you have a lot to say, not because the exam is poorly written or full of hot air. • A formal presentation – Word choice and style appropriate to an academic essay – Organized into an introduction (with a clear thesis), main ideas, and a conclusion – A title/cover page with your name, date, title, and the word count of the midterm – 12-point Times Roman font, 1” margins – Double-spaced and proofread to correct grammar, syntax, and spelling • Explain your thesis (= central idea, the main point or argument of the essay) – Don’t simply summarize the lectures, textbooks, and other course materials; instead, synthesize the history presented in Module I and Module II into a unified explanation of what you understand happened (the historical facts) + why you think those facts mattered (the historical significance). • No external sources – Demonstrate your understanding of the course materials by drawing exclusively upon the assigned materials in Module I and Module II. • Tell the story in your own words – This is an exam, not a research paper, and the expectations are different. – So let’s keep things simple: explain the history in your own words; do not use quotations.

Consider the following statement: From 1607 to 1776, the American colonies prospered as part of the British Empire – yet ultimately broke free to form a new nation. From 1787 to 1861, the American states prospered as part of the United States – yet ultimately tore the nation apart in a civil war. Analyze this statement by discussing these four topics: 1. The ways of life and experiences of the Virginia and Massachusetts colonies that contributed to the creation of an “American” identity from 1607 to 1756 2. The growing resistance to the British Empire and the American Revolution from 1756 to 1787 3. The nation’s geographic, economic, and political expansion from 1787 to 1840 4. The conflict over slavery, sectional tensions, and secession from 1819 to 1861 In composing the essay, be sure to: 1. Support your ideas with specific examples from the materials in both Module I and Module II – exams that draw exclusively or primarily upon one module do not meet the exam requirements

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