Hi I need to find an tutor to write an Individual Report fo

Hi, I need to find an tutor to write an Individual Report for Effective Leadership, it need to be done by June 20th. This paper is interesting and it’s no very difficult. I’m not a good writer so I need help to write this report. This report need to be a APA style. And also I upload two examples of the individual report, you can read them as a guideline. Thank you!EVALUATIVE CRITERIA:The paper is required to be 4 pages: two pages of summary, one page of personal reaction/relation, and a reference page. Cite research on the topic being discussed; cite/embed at least three solid leadership/management references from databases on https://jwupvd.on.worldcat.org/discovery(you must research all databases from this link); no textbook sources; no Google research; no plastic folders. Complete any of the following choices: (you just need to choose one of the following choices)A report on a current event involving leadership in the workplaceA report on a leadership dilemma at work A paper on a leadership concept A humorous look at leadership/management (see grantland.net/index.htm; dilbert.com; glasbergen.com; cartoonstock.com)

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