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Hi, I need help with essay on Leadership style; Tillman Fertitta (Landry’s). Paper must be at least 1000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Tillman later married his beautiful wife with whom they have four beautiful children (Bane).

Tillman is a man who has achieved fame for his massive wealth that to me I can say he is self made since he did not inherit anything from his parents that propelled him into his current financial state. Tillman had shown that he had entrepreneurial skills at his early stages of life even before graduating from the university when he stated his own firm that majorly dealt with marketing and sales. This to me seemed to be his first step to what would soon enable him venture into business field. Later after graduating he also ventured into other field like construction and developments thus making him build homes. He later in the year 1986 joined the Landry’s as a specialist who oversaw their real estate and at this point is when he ventured foodservices (Bane).

After his own personal assessment of the Landry’s he saw potential that lay unexploited and later decided to acquire it by the year 1988 when he bought shares from the Landry’s brother and other investors making him the owner of the Landry’s. This later made him the chairman and CEO of Landry’s Inc which under his management grew to be one America’s leading Hospitality Company. He also later ventured in other fields like entertainment when he bought the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino thus making his success go beyond the restaurants. Later The Landry’s Inc would be associated with other companies which were also owned by Tillman. This made his properties over more than 33 states be to the tune of 400. Some of his many restaurant chains of companies include McCormick &Schmick’s, Landry’s seafood House, Chart House, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co and Rainforest café. Also part of his vast family of companies include , Inn at the Ball Park, Grotto, La Griglia, Mortons Steakhouse, Brenners Steakhouse, Kemah Boardwalk, Downtown Aquarium Denver and Houston not forgetting the Towers of Americans in San