Hi I Need Help With Essay On Introduction To Brand Management Cadbury Dairy Milk

Hi, I need help with essay on Introduction to Brand Management (Cadbury Dairy Milk). Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Being unique is the ultimate goal of branding. Cadbury Dairy Milk offers a wide range of products in different countries all over the world. These products range from chocolate bars of different flavors to additives that can be used in beverages. This ensures the company to cater to a wider base of consumers who have different tastes. For a brand to be competitive and successful a company should customize its products according to the needs of its consumers and make it appealing to them (Ahonen 2008).

Cadbury has used brighter colors on its chocolate bars and beverage additives so at to assist consumers to spot their favorite bars on the shelf and make their products attractive to capture more consumers. To stand out as the leading organization in the confectionery industry, Cadbury maintain uniformity and consistency. Uniformity ensures that its products all over the world have the same taste and quality. Consistency is to ensure that ingredients of the products do not vary a lot, for instance, a situation where similar products tend to differ in the sugar levels, color, among others. Having a flawless brand enables consumers to have a good perception of the products, and they will tend to purchase them whenever they are out for shopping. Cadbury Dairy Milk has risen to greater heights through its quality branding, and this has made their consumers develop trust towards the company’s products, ensuring repeated purchases of their products by their consumers. In addition, individuals who have never used their products can also buy their products due to the trust they have developed from its quality branding as they are sure even their products will satisfy them (Laforet & Saunders 2005).

Brand Awareness is the magnitude to which a service or product is known by prospective consumers and is appropriately related to a specific product. It is associated with the functions of brand identities in the