Hi I Need Help With Essay On Information System Management Assignment Paper Must

Hi, I need help with essay on Information System Management Assignment. Paper must be at least 5000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

I will discuss about the basic needs for the outsourcing for some parts of our IT operation and system development. Then the second part of this report is aimed to discuss the implementation of the home working/ teleworking scheme within Chrichton. This section will concentrate on the teleworking implementation, its advantages and disadvantages and ways by which we can implemented within the organization.

This section provides the brief introduction of the company. Crichton was established as a family business in 1964, increasing and selling plants in marketplaces throughout the Midlands and south of England. The corporation has developed a standing for high excellence at small price and by means of knowledgeable family members manning the marketplace stalls, the business raised quickly. Near the beginning of year 1968, Crichton opened their first permanent shop on a site near busy route just north of London. Through the 70s and 80s Crichtons sustained to develop, spreading into garden accessories like that the garden furniture, children’s play equipment and barbecues and garden planning/ design.1 (As provided in the case study)

This section is about the basic establishment of the corporate information system that was implemented to augment the on the whole business. In 2006, the decision was taken by the Crichton family that they should move into internet based sales in addition to the accessible shops. After protracted negotiations, Crichton brought the diggitin web business, with Hanson becoming a member of the management board at Crichton. Astely was retained to manage the web operation and associated garden design applications. Gee, who was frustrated with an increasingly desk-based role at diggitin left to resume her gardening/landscape business. She remains active in the diggitin online forums, for which she is paid.

By 2008 Crichtons permanent workforce had grown to nearly 400 and turnover