Hi I Need Help With Essay On Ideology Paper Must Be At Least 1750 Words Please N

Hi, I need help with essay on Ideology. Paper must be at least 1750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

due in part to centuries of anti-Semitism and sensitivity to the way in which issues relating to Israel’s existence and the Holocaust are understood by individuals throughout society. Yet, rather than dismissing this topic out of hand, due to the fact that it is somewhat unpopular to discuss, this particular student has felt it necessary to undertake an analysis of the situation that could help to spread a further level of understanding with regard to whether or not the Israel lobby is in fact disproportionately powerful within the United States house and Senate.

Research by Dov Waxman indicated that the Israel lobby has a long standing relationship with both political parties. thereby enabling it to engage newcomers and the executive branch in a way that few other lobbies are capable of doing. Such an understanding is essential towards realizing the scope and breadth of the Israel lobby and the means by which AIPAC and others mobilize their influence to effect key goals that relate to the strategic needs that Israel and its lobbies represent. Waxman further notes that even though many other countries have sought to label their own lobbies after that of Israel, the overall level to which they are able to accomplish their strategic vision and needs pales in comparison to the degree and extent to which Israel is able to continue to foist its views on to the political spectrum within the United States.

Hila Tal indicated that the commercial success of the Israel lobby is ultimately continues to encourage it integrate the political process within the United States. Ultimately, as a direct result of the fact that the Israel lobby is effectively able to garner tens of billions of dollars each and every year for Israel and its respective interests throughout the region, the lobby self perpetuates and gains a further foothold with respect to the way in which it can engage the Democratic and Republican stakeholders within the United States Congress. Other lobbies that