Hi I Need Help With Essay On Identity And Self Branding Paper Must Be At Least

Hi, I need help with essay on Identity and Self Branding. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

Subculture and personal experience tend to shape ones way of life because it defines consistency of one’s life circle based on cultures and social life.

As Muslim, I grew up from a humble background of a family of three. Muslim life like any other has a distinction on responsibilities based on ones gender. Being the first born son and the only son in the family, a lot of responsibilities was bestowed on me. In our culture sons are considered the pillars of the family and are deemed to be providers and protectors as fathers in their marriage lives. Sons are viewed as a way of insurance to the parents since they are believed to in the future take care of their parents. Moreover, families with the higher number of sons than daughters help cut on financial needs as well protecting the family’s honor. The clarity of gender as the subculture is viewed differently according to different tribes in Muslim. There are tribes that value females than males and vice versa. The male qualities shaped my understanding and instilled the knowledge of self-awareness as far as gender is concerned.

Religion in my tribe and probably the entire Muslim culture is taken with a lot of concern. Every child in my household was dedicated to prayers that took place at specific times throughout the day. Parents designate duties according to gender where sons were to be taught by their father and daughters by their mothers.

My father had great knowledge and understanding of Koran and shared a lot about religion with me. Religious education due to the existence of Maktab was also taught in schools which placed emphasis in the mastering of the procedures and rituals of prayer. Religion provided me with the appropriate skills of understanding the need for obedience and respect for Allah. This further instilled a positive assumption about me by my elders and friends.

There are breakdowns of how each life stage was built based on the family type.