Hi I Need Help With Essay On Human Right Law Paper Must Be At Least 1500 Words P

Hi, I need help with essay on Human Right Law. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

cember 2001 with a major focus on countering terrorism.2 By this, several provisions were made including ways of fighting terrorists and their schemes. Since the coming of the Anti-terrorism legislation however, there have been several public debates on the appropriateness of the law when viewed from the perspective of human rights infringement. This is because whereas some think it is appropriate that terrorist atrocities must be battled in any way possible, others argue that trampling on the human rights of innocent people to get the right thing done could be equally terrorising in nature.3 This paper therefore seeks to critically analyse the claim that the erosion of human rights through anti-terrorism schemes cannot be justified. The analysis is made from a legal perspective by reviewing legal principles, case law and statutes that help in understand the issues better.

There is no denying the fact that the number one reason for any anti-terrorism campaign is to ensure the protection of the freedoms, liberties and fundamental human rights of people. This is because acts of terrorism always come with adverse effects on people and property that in the end impede the successful exercising of their civil freedoms, liberties and rights.4 By having anti-terrorism programmes and campaigns therefore, a very giant step is taken to ensuring some levels of fairness in society where abuses that happen as a result of terrorism can be confronted. Very unfortunately, studies have showed that anti-terrorism is more difficult and challenging to achieve than a single terrorist may get through with the launch of multiple acts of terror.5 This is because whereas terrorist attacks take place by people who are ready to loss their lives and the lives of others, those engaged in anti-terrorism, including counter-terrorism must be careful to ensure that innocent lives and property are protected. It has been for this reason that advocates for anti-terrorism have continued to use stiffer