Hi I Need Help With Essay On Human Resources Manager Paper Must Be At Least

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One of the most important requirements in recruiting the right individual for the job is educational certifications. It is important to ensure that the education background of the applicants is relevant and that all the required courses and classes for the offered position are completed. For instance, an applicant for the position of the Quality Control Engineer should have undertaken courses in Quality Control Engineering and acquired relevant certifications in relation to the courses.

Another important requirement in the recruitment process is the work experience of the applicants (Francis, 2012). Given the organizations task ahead, it is important to invest in employees that have a good background in what they do to allow for maximum performance and timely achievement of the organizations goals and objectives. Work experience involves both the positions held by an individual in previous work environments and the history of their work ethics. This would be important in determining the gained skills and abilities in handling various issues within their range of roles and responsibilities. The applicants’ previous work ethics would determine their interaction with other employees in the organizational setting and the performance of activities in an ethical manner. The soft skills of the applicants are also an important requirement in determining their abilities to handle different situations within the work environment (OMeara, 2013). Some of the skills such as communication and collaboration are important in measuring the applicants’ ability to work with other members of the organization in teams.

Academic competence enhances organizational performance as individuals put their acquired skills into practice. hence improving the performance of the organization (Armstrong, 2012). On the other hand, work experience promotes new approaches in the organization as different individuals apply varying