Hi I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Texas State Governance Paper

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on texas state governance Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Questions

1\. What are the names of the people who represent you in the Texas House and Texas Senate?

The Texas Senate is represented by Senator Rodney Ellis while the Texas House is represented by Representative Alma A. Allen.

2\. (a) Select a bill to research that was authored by either your Texas state senator or your Texas state representative in the last legislative session.

(b) What is the number of the bill? Who is its author?

Texas House Representative Alma Allen together with Nash, Torres, Shelton, Patrick and Diane co-authored the House Bill 359 in the previous legislative sessions.

3\. Click on the bill number and you will be taken to a page that includes links to detailed information about the bill, including the bill’s complete text. When was the bill introduced?

Allen’s bill focused on discipline in public schools. It aimed at addressing the use of corporal punishment and other disciplinary methods for prosecuting children who had done mistakes in schools and had gone against the laid school rules and regulations.

4\. What would the measure do if it became law? (Write in your own words. Do not copy the brief description at the website)

If the bill became law, it would bar parents and teachers from administering corporal punishments to their children. It would ensure that the high number of cases of paddling in the state reduced to a lower level. In this case, the long term effect would be seen in an improved psychological state of students since they would not live in fear of the paddle.

5\. Had you been a member of the legislature, would you have voted for the bill? Why or Why not?

If I was a member of the legislature, I would have voted for the bill since corporal punishment is not the best alternative for disciplining errant students. It is an archaic way of instilling disciplines to students and does not play any role in their education. Furthermore, spanking or paddling causes pain to students and this may affect them psychologically instead of making them quit their bad behaviors.