Hi I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Review Of Great Leaps Or Free

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on review of great leaps or free rice.com Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Great Leaps Great leaps is an excellent site that has a lot of benefits. The site is very affordable and provides daily assessments to its users. Teachers can use this site since the objectives are easily observable and measurable hence it is easy to measure the student’s growth. In addition to this, the website presents relevant course materials that are easy to implement. For the students the site provides an easy, fast, and flexible mode of learning (Great Leaps). Because of this, it builds the learners self-esteem and confidence hence acting as a source of motivation. The site has been proven worthy by education experts because it expands education and life opportunities. The site also contains a progress charts that is very useful in tracking the performance of the learners and the instructor/teacher. The progress chart can be used for evaluation and acts as a means of motivating the learners and the teacher especially on the learning progress. Great leaps also contain sample stories. I was much more interested in the high school section. I managed to come across John Wilcox story. The story was about Wilcox who was a celebrity in his school. Despite being so famous, he lost his life to alcohol. The site provides educative and informative story depending on age. This story particularly warns teenagers on the effect of alcohol and peer influence. Most of the young people at this age are facing adolescent stage and therefore needs proper guidance and counseling which is not just a role that should be done by the teachers and the parents. Great leaps takes this opportunity to educate its users in all spheres of the life and not just books. Finally, I enjoyed the site so much and it is so interactive and informative.

I would therefore recommend the use of this website as teaching and learning resource. However, the website is so expensive. I checked out some of the papers and informative materials and found out that they cost so much. This is the only disadvantage of the website.

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