Hi I Am Looking For Someone To Write An Article On Mexican Culture Paper Must Be

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on mexican culture Paper must be at least 250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Mexican culture Describe what differences exist in expectations for men and women in Mexican culture. What traditional roles does each have and have these roles changed over time? If so, how?

It is naturally that men and women experience some gender differences in the dimension of social roles and responsibilities. Mexican culture is not an exception. Traditional approach to gender roles in Mexico is rather conservative and leads to domestic peculiarities and daily duties (Knapp, Muller and Quiros, 2009). Still, modern world transfers the understanding of male and female parts in the field of moral and social obligations (Vlassoff, 2007). To such extend Mexican culture has overcome some important alterations.

The traditional approach leads to the notion of male and female roles in Mexico mostly through everyday life. Scholars mention that “gender roles of men and women are reflected in spatial distinctions of la calle (the street) and la casa (the home)” (Knapp, Muller and Quiros, 2009). This differentiation reflects on Mexican people since their childhood. Boys are in need to leave home for the sake of earning money and maintaining a family in future (Vlassoff, 2007). As for the girls they are responsible to stay at home and to take care about its comfort and coziness (Vlassoff, 2007). Such tradition has been strictly laid into the minds of Mexican people.

Concerning the present day situation and modern social norms it should be admitted that male and female roles undergo changes. With the tendency of globalization and increase of migration gender roles transform (Knapp, Muller and Quiros, 2009). Women started to get more freedom and ability to make an independent choice in accordance to their life values and personal desires (Mount-Cors, 2014). Such process in considered to be natural and logical for the system of modern society. It is worse to mention that American culture provide a significant influence to this process (Knapp, Muller and Quiros, 2009).

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