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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on korean film industry Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! As the paper outlines, renaissance, in general, refers to the time period in history when European art and literature was revived. This usually means the rebirth of art in the 16th century. Choi used it in his book to refer to the revival of Korean cinema and the new future towards which the Koreans moved without their hated government. The renaissance referred to the changes in the society as a whole influencing the art and film industry of South Korea. The society was becoming freer and filmmakers were coming with more ideas of freedom and socially conscious themes which were previously banned. Choi describes the revival of the Korean cinema where the local cinema was vanishing the films were made more commercially and globally. The barriers to the foreign imports were forced open and Hollywood entered South Korea. This rebirth of Korean cinema went a long way since 1992 till present, and today the films are commercial, global, and have evolving production standards. Renaissance thus refers to all these changes and advancements seen in the Korean cinema since the 1990s till the present day. These changes were highly noticeable in the films that were made in the following decade. The Marriage Life (1992) was a romantic comedy directed by Kim Yui-Seok. The film marked the renaissance of the Korean film industry with its depiction of gender roles, portraying the reality of love and sex, and attracting the younger audience towards the Korean cinema again.&nbsp.The movie was about Kim Tae-guy who was a radio producer and Choi Ji-Hye who was a voice actress at the radio station. The couple falls in love and gets married. They have desires for sex and fantasies for getting married just as any young couple would have despite the objections from their respected families, they get married and begin their life. Eventually, they start experiencing the reality of married life with laundry piles and house cleaning but they still have a mutual passion for each other which makes their married life exciting and happy. The film shows the marriage a tremendous success in the beginning but eventually, the couple starts to face a hectic life which becomes a nightmare (Stringer 32). &nbsp.&nbsp.