here is the description of the assignmentFaulkner and Fitzg

here is the description of the assignment:Faulkner and Fitzgerald: Open ThreadYour post on stories by Faulkner and/or Fitzgerald is open to any themes or topics you wish to introduce. Your post should be about 200 words in length, clearly state the task you aim to complete, clearly articulate the point you are making, and present specific textual evidence from the readings (including page numbers), making sure to explain explicitly how the evidence relates to your overall point.In addition to topics of your own design, you can usethe options below to guide your writing and thinking (you can also use these frameworks for the directed threads as well):Working through ConfusionShare a passage from the week’s reading that confuses you in some way. Describe why you are confused by the passage, and offer a tentative interpretation of what causes you the problems. Extra engagement can be demonstrated by responding to each other and working through confusion collaboratively.Structure and MeaningOffer your observation of some particularly striking, strange, or significant surface feature(s) of one of our texts, and explain how that feature(s) contributes to or drives the meaning of the text in that passage or overall.Offering an InterpretationContrive some kind of interpretive statement about a text from the week’s reading and support with an explanation of relevant and strong textual evidence.Criticizing a PerspectiveIn all of our texts, you will encounter characters, groups, and authors who seem to be communicating particular perspectives on the world. Describe whether you agree or disagree with this perspective, and what about the text drives your agreement or proves problematic for the perspective you discuss.All you have to do is respond to these two posts by my classmates. you can also disagree if you have a valid point. make sure there isnt plagiarism. make sure you’re not just paraphrasing their post or just complimenting their analysis, talk about the topic.Response #1:Faulkner’s ThemeIn the essay “Mountain Victory”, Faulkner appears to be exploring the theme of prejudice. This appears in the instance when Vatch is playing with the cartridge in the kitchen. The narrator says, ‘Vatch would have shot him,’ she said, breathed, to herself, stooping. ‘I reckon he will yet (Faulkner, 3).’ There is an implication that if given an opportunity, Vatch will kill Weddel. Both men are from different sides and even from the same country even though a divided country. Ideologically, the two mean are different and this worsens the tension between them. Through this, Faulkner is able to show the characteristics of war even after it ends. The men are unable to tolerate each other and Vatch is severally hostile to Weddel when they are in the house. In one instance, Vatch tells Weddle, “’Maybe you would know them better if one exploded in your face’ (Faulkner, 3), referring to the cartridges he was carrying in his hand. These clearly explain the hatred that was between them. Though war can come to an end, the traditional and ideological differences between both sides in the war can still remain and both sides can continue to be prejudicial to the other unable to accept the traditions or beliefs of the other side. Essentially, the power struggle and prejudice still remains after the war.Response #2:In the section that follows I will analyze how Faulkner uses metaphor and imagery in trying to show the quilt of his characters and also induce the feeling of sympathy from the readers. Faulker presents Minnie as being very unsympathetic in the story and this can be seen from the fact that she accuses an innocent Negro by the name Mayes of assaulting her. Her accusation leads to the murder of the Blackman, all because men ‘did not even follow her with their eyes any more’, and thus she was seeking attention. In the story, after the supposed rape which led to the murder of Mayes, Minnie feels that she is now the center of attention and thus she goes to a picture show with her lady friends. Faulkner uses symbolism in the following line: She walked slower and slower, as children eat ice cream, her head up and her eyes bright in the haggard banner of her face (Faulkner, 180).’ In the section, the author uses the words “banner” and “flag” as a way of describing the aspect of heroism with all the injustice and hopelessness around. At the scene of murder, one barber tries and gives a voice of reason arguing that it was great if they got the sheriff to handle the situation. Faulkner uses the reaction of McLendon to the barber to show that racial tension still existed in the society then as captured in the following lines: ‘McLendon whirled upon him his furious, rigid face . . . They looked like men of difference races’ (172). Faulkner uses imagery in the character of McLendon in a bid to try and show the hatred that he has for himself, Blacks, and women. Faulkner uses words such as “Birdcage” to describe the house of McLendon and in the broader sense this can be seen as a description of how he was stuck in the conservative era where Blacks and women were taken for granted. When he returns home, he finds that his wife was waiting up for her and instead he strikes her. His anger is captured in the following line: “through the house, ripping off his shirt, and on the dark, screened porch at the rear,’ stands ‘with his body pressed against the dusty screen . . . panting (183).”I will upload the stories below.

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