Here is the assignmentIn my classes I use Homer and SAM a l

Here is the assignment:In my classes I use Homer and SAM a lot. I think both are good, but both have drawbacks. Homer is not financially detailed, but has a lot of functionality and a powerful optimization scheme. SAM has superior financial capability. So, we want to create our own renewable energy analysis tool. You guys will model a renewable energy technology in C++. You can use SAM and Homer as guides. MY PROJECT IS ( Battery )Basically, the assignment is to create code that will accept location, price, and technical information to determine the amount of energy, the annual cost, the cost over the lifetime, and levelized cost of energy. Therefore you need to understand how the technology works, the cost of the technology, the inputs, and coding. This information comes from the NREL documents. I will hold several Skype sessions to get this rolling.Assignment 1. A report detailing how your technology works from a technical perspective. Your report must explain how the energy is made and costs associated with the technology. In addition, you must have a flow diagram for your program.( I NEED SOMEONE WHO IS PROFESSIONAL TO SOLVE THIS PROJECT )