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I need support with this Business Law question so I can learn better.

Each essay is at least 250 words.Use APA style and cite using APA citation format.Use required readings (or at least attempt to use them).

Essay 1

FACTS: George and Sophia are entrepreneurs who together own a limited liability company, SOPhiGEo, LLC.They are inventors and have invented a widget that can be plugged into a mobile phone or personal computer to detect unsolicited third-party access of camera or audio features on the equipment and block it with a repeating loop of nonsense gibberish that can be stopped only by the widget’s primary user.This widget has a proprietary design and operating code. SOPhiGEo is calling it “LoktYU.”

Identify and define the three types of intellectual property (IP) that SOPhiGEo needs to obtain to protect LoktYU. Be specific as to which aspect of the invention will be protected by each type of IP. Further, explain how each type of IP is obtained and maintained, and how long the protection lasts.

Essay 2

Fact pattern: Joe and James are brothers who decide to go into a landscaping business together. Joe has most of the money to put up and James has extensive gardening knowledge. They will need to have at least a couple employees to help do the work. They are trying to decide how to organize the business — a general partnership, a limited liability company or a corporation.

Question: Using your Lessons and Required Readings on forms of business organizations, write an essay that (1) explains the pros and cons of each of these types of business forms and (2) recommend which one of these 3 is best for the brothers in this scenario and why.

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