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Post your response to one of the following discussion questions for Module 10, NMH Chapters 4 and 13 (PDFs provided) and Burby Chapter 7 (PDF provided). Please, copy the question you are commenting in your response. Your initial response for each selected question has to be at least 250 words. Please add a word count at the end of each response. Cite the weekly readings and other sources, if needed, to support your comment. Past and current hazard events are recommended to talk about as examples in your comments. You also have to comment on one initial response from other students.
Q1: Discuss the challenges of using volunteers in disaster mitigation and the strategies for overcoming these challenges. How this applies to a recent disaster of your choice?
Q2: Why do public-private partnerships (PPP) matter in emergency management in general, and hazard mitigation in particular? Can you provide an explained example using COVID-19?
Q3: Why is the third sector needed in hazard mitigation? List the three major methods of enlisting a third sector entity. Provide examples for clarification.


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