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Need help with professor comments

 his has zero empirical support and the research question is unclear.   I left you about a dozen annotated comments that you can use to revise and integrate this into your final research paper. The literature review should provide a more in-depth overview on what is already known about this topic. The final research paper will then add a “future directions” element. Email me if you have any questions. I will not offer a virtual workshop unless enough people ask for it because of the low turnout for the other ones. 

This is from the professor on literature review

 I am not going to finish reading this. I am not even sure what to do with it. This has nothing to do with the problem statement you turned in. There is no developmental research question here and this is a human development course. The research question is unclear. This just seems to be a general commentary on the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to sports research–vaguely. I cannot follow your writing much of the time. This paper is littered with grammatical mistakes and unexplained (or incorrectly used) jargon. In the last assignment (i.e., problem statement), I gave you more than a dozen annotated comments with feedback and told you to reach out to me if you were confused. You did not do that and this paper is unacceptable. I emailed the class with days and times I am free to meet, if you want to try to redeem your grade, you should email me. The last (and biggest) assignment is supposed to be built from this assignment; however, it would inappropriate to turn in another paper like this on this topic.