Go through the sp 800-32 and provide what you have learned on any


Go through the SP 800-32 and provide what you have learned on any section in the document. Be sure your submission is at least four sentences.

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SP 800-32

Introduction to Public Key Technology and the Federal PKI Infrastructure

Date Published: February 26, 2001


Richard Kuhn (NIST), Vincent Hu (NIST), Tim Polk (NIST), Shu-jen Chang (NIST)


This publication was developed to assist agency decision-makers in determining if a PKI is appropriate for their agency, and how PKI services can be deployed most effectively within a Federal agency. It is intended to provide an overview of PKI functions and their applications. Additional documentation will be required to fully analyze the costs and benefits of PKI systems for agency use, and to develop plans for their implementation. This document provides a starting point and references to more comprehensive publications.


certificates; digital signatures; PKI; public key infrastructure

Control Families

Identification and Authentication; Planning; Risk Assessment; System and Communications Protection;