Full of fallacies | Education homework help

 create an advertisement that is full of fallacies (CO1). You may find a list of fallacies under “What are some logical fallacies?” in the Lesson and Logical fallacy definitions. The intention of the advertisement is to manipulate the audience using any number of logical fallacies 


Part I: Advertisement

 The advertisement will include the following: 

  • State intended product or position (what are you selling). 
  • 30 seconds long ( audio).
  • Does not need to have any visual elements (for audio). 
  • Use at 

Possible Formats: Audio (radio advertisement) or video (visual media advertisement).

Part II: Explanation

In  addition to the advertisement, you will name the fallacies and provide a  brief explanation after the advertisement of why you chose specific  logical fallacies and why they might be successful in manipulating the  audience.


  • If you chose the audio option, you can use the embedded audio recorded or upload an MP3. 

Consider the following: 

  • Have fun with this assignment and be creative!
  • If you need an alternative format, please contact your instructor immediately.
  • For grading expectations, please see the Fallacies rubric.  least 2 logical fallacies intended on manipulating the audience (minimum)