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 Forensics Resources
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) provides valuable digital forensic resources for investigators, cyber security experts, and managers to assist with the forensic processes.
NIST Forensics Site
In a 3-4-page APA paper, answer the following based on information from the NIST Forensics site:

  1. What is The National Software Reference Library (NSRL) and how can it be effectively utilized for forensic investigations?
  2. What is the Computer Forensic Tool Testing (CFTT) and how can it be utilized in forensic investigations?
  3. What is the Computer Forensic Reference Data Sets (CFReDS) and how can it be used to improve forensic evidence?
  4. Cite your sources using current APA format. Atleast four sources in APA format.
    Refer to the rubric for grading criteria
    Save your document with a descriptive filename (e.g., assignment_7_4_smith.docx) and submit as an attachment. 

    Week15 – Written Assignment .pdf

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