For your “written” assignment, please investigate an ad agency of


For your “written” assignment, please investigate an ad agency of your choice. You can just use Google to find an agency, or you can use AdForum or other websites to get the scoop on a good one. Did you know there are major agencies in the area? Hint, hint — one of them is located in Richmond and is Geico’s agency. Or, check out some of the other incredible agencies all over the world. Two really cool ones are Wieden+Kennedy and Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

Your submission should have three parts:

  1. Describe the Agency. Explore their website, look for reviews of their work, give examples of their clients and the campaigns they have designed, awards won, areas of expertise (online, tv, etc.).
  2. Critique the work. Give your opinion of their work. Do you think they are a good agency? Have they received negative press? Be ruthless!
  3. Would you want to work there? Check to see if they have jobs or internships available. If you worked there, what position would you want? Connect with someone from the agency through LinkedIn and tell me about it If you don’t want to work there, tell me why not and then find an example of a company where you would want to work and connect with someone on LinkedIn at that company. Tell me about it or include a screen shot of your connection request.