For tom mutunga: global marketing: mcdonalds

4-8 pages, APA format, Double spaced

This is an individual paper that will focus on one organization (McDonald’s) and its global marketing efforts on both global and local level. International marketing managers frequently decide to adapt organizational brand image across international markets. Your individual paper will focus on information from the CH1 case study in our textbook combined with an article on Global Marketing by Rowan Wilken. * Papers due Jan 26th before class extended submission of paper to 10pm 1/26/17 . Read through both articles and answer the following questions in an essay form.

  1. Identify the key elements in McDonald’s global marketing strategy. Despite a slowdown in global fast-food consumption, McDonald’s continues to be a success story. What is the key?
  2. Does McDonald’s think globally and act locally? Give examples. Does McDonald’s think locally and act globally? Give examples.
  3. Is it realistic to expect that McDonald’s or any well-known company—can expand globally without occasionally making a mistake or generating controversy? Give examples of some mistakes.