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In your response posts, compare and contrast your problem-solving strategy to Erin and Jade.  Would you take a different approach to your own strategy (such as adding an extra step or eliminating a step) after reading your peer’s post?

Erin post

In planning for a bridal shower (pre-covid), I would use the tool mapping strategy. I am a visual learner and seeing everything “mapped out” helps me to organize the process ensuring all aspects are covered. Bridal shower will be my center focus point. The key points or branches will be number of guests, food/drinks, games, decorations (tables/chairs), plates, napkins, utensils, and venue. The food will consist of finger sandwiches (2-3 per guest), assorted fruits, raw veggies and dips, drumettes (3 per guest), 3 and 2 desserts for guests to choose from. The table and chairs will be enough to accommodate the planned number of guests (6 large tables to fit 5 chairs) and games. 

Jade post

My elderly neighbor asks me to help her with her weekly grocery shopping for the month. First I will look at the IDEAL method and go through the steps. First: Identify problems and opportunities. I need to ask questions, such as: what is my neighbors budget? When is a good time for me to do extra shopping? Next I will move on to: Define alternative Goals. I will need to make sure I collect everything on her list and deliver her groceries at a set time. Then I will explore possible strategies. I could do my own weekly shopping while I shop for my neighbor. This would save me time. Now it is time to anticipate and act. I wake up early on a weekend, check over the list I have, and head over to my local grocery store to begin shopping. Finally, I look and learn.  After the shopping is done and the groceries have been delivered, I will reflect back to see if there are any changes that need to be done. Did the time and day work out for my neighbor? Was doing my shopping at the same time a good idea? Or is that something I will change for the next trip?  


Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words. Posts under 175 words earn a maximum of 50%.

PART 1: Provide a workplace example of a difficult situation or an ethical violation you have experienced. Be specific. 

Part 2: Explain what you did or did not do that helped improve the situation. How did you overcome (or not) the adversity. BE SPECIFIC. 

Part 3: Share What you feel like you learned from this experience that can help you become a better leader, manager, parent, or person. 

Part 4: Brag: What you have accomplished in the last five weeks that you are proud about and want to share. This can be anything you feel good about. What are you excited about that you have achieved? 

When responding to Emily and Rashida post ask a question in your reply to create a positive or inquisitive conversation. Consider bolding your question so the author may identify the question quickly.  Please include a 100 word or more response.  

Emily post

In life we are all faced with difficult situations and some of these unfortunate situations happened during work. In the last position that I was in I happened to experience one of my co-workers go sexual abuse. I witnessed my friend who was also my co-worker go through this with a manager in the business where we worked. It was a scary and stressful time for my friend especially. At first, I was not sure how to help her because I had never been through anything like that.

But I tried to give her the best advise I can and told her that she should talk to the Human Resources department. During these difficult times it is sometimes hard to know how to handle a situation because we are sometimes worried of the effects of it. But I felt it was the best thing for her to do so that she helps that it does not happened again.

What I learned is that when faced through any difficult time we must not give up and try our best. These difficult obstacles we phase in life makes us stronger and helps us learn from these experiences.

I am excited to have learned a lot from this class and I am happy about all our grades. It was great to hear in the announcement that we are all doing well in class and we must stay motivated to finish giving it 100%.

 Rashida post

  • An example of a difficult situation I faced in my workplace was back in May 2020. It was brought to my attention that my supervisor was speaking with another employee about a personal matter I informed him about regarding my child. I was not present and I deemed that inappropriate and unprofessional on his part. The information wasn’t his business to share nor was it beneficial to his or that employee’s job functions. It was challenging for me to keep my composure and not act irrationally especially since this was not his first offense spreading personal information without my authorization or prior knowledge.
  • However, I sent him an email the following Monday since the workplace gossip occurred the previous Friday after I left the office for the day. I addressed the facts from the previous incident and the recent incident to create a paper trail then we verbally discussed the issue. I printed the email correspondence for my employee file in human resources and also filed a complaint against him. He and I have not had any problems regarding confidentiality since then.
  • I learned that using my voice and documenting is vital especially in the workplace because employee violations happen often at my place of employment from upper management but no one ever says anything in fear of retaliation.
  • I am proud of how much knowledge I’ve gained in these past five weeks about business and learning to be more consistent regarding my academics. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and wish everyone well moving forward!