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Assessment Tools Paper Instructions


One of the necessities of using differentiated instruction is to assess children’s learning profiles. This includes knowing their:

1.      Interests

2.      Ability/intellectual levels

3.      Achievement levels

4.      Personality types


As a teacher who uses differentiated instruction in your classroom, you must know the assessment tools (tests/surveys) for each of these so that you may use them to discover the differences in your students, and so that you may adapt instruction to their needs. This assignment is designed to help you find, understand, and be able to use the related assessment tools.


You will be researching 6 legitimate assessment tools that can be located online (not something made up. Ex. Briggs-Meyers personality test, Otis-Lennon Achievement test, etc.). You must have 1 or 2 assessment tools in each of the four categories listed above. You will write your paper in current APA format and will include detailed answers to all of the nine questions outlined below for each assessment tool. Be sure to clearly label each of the four categories and number each of your 6 assessment tools. Provide a list of 6 or more references, documented in current APA style.


Use the Internet, educational periodicals, or interview teachers to find assessment tools.


Answer these questions for each of your chosen assessment tools:


1.      What does it assess and how?

2.      How extensive is it?

3.      How long will it take to administer?

4.      Is it a paper-and-pencil test?

5.      Is it available online?

6.      Does it have to be individually administered or may it be given to a group?

7.      Can you score it or must it be submitted to the company for scoring?

8.      When you get the results, what will they tell you?

9.      How will you use that information for designing lessons for your class?


Carefully read over the rubric and the sample that is provided.


This assignment is due by 5 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 2.