Fitness tracking journal | Psychology homework help

For this lab, you are creating your own daily fitness tracking journal. Please note that this is a template and you are NOT creating a workout plan for yourself. The goal is for you to come with your own unique and innovative tracking journal/ template that will help people keep track of their fitness progress to ensure that they will achieve their goals.

This will require you to do some research. You are not including any in text citations, but you must reference where you found the information/ ideas for your fitness tracker. You need to use a minimum of 3 references and all research you do for this lab must be cited in APA style on a second page.

Ideally, the fitness tracker can be in a word document, excel document, or pdf. It can be done for someone to print out, or use on an electronic device. You should include what you think would make a good journal to track fitness, monitor progress and goals, help with motivation and time management, as well as anything else you feel would be important for someone based on what we have learned so far. This tracking document should be one page only, with referencing included on a separate page. If you feel the need to go over 1 page for this journal, please write a statement justifying why that is. 

Mark Breakdown:

Proper Fitness Tracking Information Provided /5
Inclusion of Other Important Health Measures/ Trackers /5
Easy for Someone to Use, Understand and Help with Motivation /5
Overall Effort/ Appearance /5
References /5