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1. The pediatric nurse is aware that the leading cause of death in the school age group is ________________.

2. It is important for the pediatric nurse to understand that according to normal growth and development the preschooler is a ________ __________ and may view illness as a punishment for bad behavior.

3. The ____________ is unable to distinguish fear from fantasy which inhibits a true comprehension of death.

4. The ____________ seems to comprehend death more than can be verbalized.

5. The __________________ has diffi culty accepting death as a reality and therefore thinks the body is invincible and engages in ________ ___________ behaviors.

6. According to Kübler Ross, children after the ages of ____to____ understand the permanence of death. This age group understands more of what is overheard than parents and nurses realize. Attempts to shield this age group from death can often be perceived as



Short Answer

1. The parent of the dying child asks the nurse if he/she can hold the child. What action is appropriate for the nurse to take?

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