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Exp22 Excel Ch03 Cumulative Patient

Excel Chapter 3 Cumulative – Blood Pressure Monitoring 


Project Description:

You work as a nurse in a health clinic. You record each patient’s systolic and diastolic blood pressures each week. A number of patients have requested blood pressure data and charts. This information helps patients know if they have hypertension, caused by high blood pressure. You prepared a spreadsheet that can be used as a template to track a patient’s blood pressure and heart rate. You are ready to create charts that you can use when discussing a patient’s blood pressure.


Start Excel. Download and open   the file named Exp22_Excel_Ch03_Cumulative_Patient.xlsx.   Grader has automatically added your last name to the beginning of the   filename.



Weekly blood pressure readings   have been entered for a sample patient. You want to create a clustered column   chart to compare the readings for the month. After you create the chart, you   will move it to a Charts sheet that will be used to contain several charts   for easy reference.

  Create a clustered column chart using the range A2:C7 on the April worksheet.   Move the chart to cell A1 in the Charts sheet.


The chart needs a descriptive,   easy-to-read title.

  Change the chart title to Blood Pressure Readings in April and bold the title.


You realize the chart might be   easier to read as a bar chart.

  Change the chart type to Clustered Bar.


You will increase the chart size   to make it easier to read on a display screen.

  Set 4″ height. 


You want to remove the   additional dates displayed on the category axis.

  Select the dates on the axis and display the Format Axis task pane. In the   Axis Options category, select Text axis to remove the extra dates from the   chart.


You want to arrange the dates   with the oldest date at the top.

  Display the dates in reverse order on the category axis so that 4/1/2024 is   at the top of the vertical axis.


Next, you will create a line   chart depicting the heart rate readings for the month. This chart will help   the patient see trends over time.

  Create a line chart using the ranges A3:A7 and D3:D7 on the April worksheet.   Move the line chart to start in cell I1 in the Charts sheet.


You decide to adjust the size of   the line chart.

  Set 3.5″ height and 5″ width.


Change the line chart title to Heart Rates   in April and   bold the title.


Select the dates and select Text   axis to remove the extra dates from the line chart.


You will change the font color   for the axes to make the chart easier to read.

  Apply Black, Text 1 font color to the value axis and to the category axis on   the line chart.


Now you want to apply a gradient   fill color to the plot area to soften the image.

  Apply Light Gradient – Accent 1 gradient fill color to the plot area on the   line chart.


Data labels provide exact   details. In this case, adding data labels will provide exact heart rates.

  Add data labels in the above position on the line chart.


The April worksheet contains a   range that identifies how many times in the month the patient had normal and   high blood pressures. You decide a pie chart will help the patient visualize   the data better.

  Create a 2-D pie chart using the ranges F3:F4 and H3:H4 in the April   worksheet. Move the chart to start in cell A22 in the Charts sheet. 


Change the chart title to Percentage of   Normal and High Blood Pressure and apply Black, Text 1 font color to the title.


Removing the legend can reduce   extraneous elements in the chart. Adding data labels keep descriptions within   each slice.

  Remove the legend. Add Category Name and Percentage data labels in the Best   Fit position. Remove the Value data labels.


Changing the color of the high   blood pressure slice and exploding it away from the other slice will   emphasize it.

  Apply Red solid fill color to the High (Hypertension) slice and explode the   slice by 6%.


The last chart you want to   create is a combo chart to depict the blood pressure readings with the   overlay of heart rates.

  Create a Clustered Column – Line on Secondary Axis combo chart using the   range A2:D7 in the April worksheet. Move the chart to a chart sheet named Combo Chart.


After creating the chart, you   will apply a chart style.

  Apply Style 4 chart style to the combo chart.


Change the chart title to Blood   Pressure/Heart Rates.


Select the dates and select Text   axis to remove the extra dates from the chart


Apply Black, Text 1 font color   and 11 pt font size to the two value axes and the category axis.


You decide to add a title to   each axis to describe the data being plotted.

  Add a primary vertical axis title Blood Pressure and a secondary vertical axis title Heart Rate.


Move the legend to the top   position.


You decide to remove one of the   data series.

  Edit the data source to remove the 4/1/2024 data series.


Now you are ready to add Alt   Text to the chart.

  Display the combo chart and add the Alt Text Shows blood pressure and heart rate for   the last four weeks.


Finally, you add sparklines to   the blood pressure readings and heart rates below the respective columns.

  Select range B8:D8 on the April worksheet. Insert Column Sparklines using   data from the range B3:D7.


You want to customize the   sparklines.

  Apply Blue sparkline color and display the high points for the sparklines.


Save and close Exp22_Excel_Ch03_Cumulative_Patient.xlsx.   Exit Excel. Submit the file as directed.