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EBP involves the use of the best research evidence to support clinical decisions in practice. The levels of research evidence are a continuum, with the highest quality of research evidence at the top of the pyramid and the weakest research evidence at its base (see Fig. 1.3). Evidence-based guidelines are rigorous, explicit clinical guidelines that have been developed based on the best research evidence available in that area.

Locate and provide a meta-synthesis or a meta-analysis on appropriate coping strategies for burnout prevention and:

1. List the complete weblink (URL) OR attach the evidence. If you choose to attach the evidence, list your answer as “Please see the attachment”. The link MUST be live/or the evidence must be attached, and the evidence must be published within the last five years.

2. Create the reference for the located piece of evidence in correct APA format.

3. Summarize the major conclusions of evidence you found in 3-4 sentences.

Textbook: Understanding Nursing Research by Susan Grove and Jennifer Gray 7th edition Publisher Elsevier

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