Essentials of Biology Unit 1 Instructions Answer each que

Essentials of Biology Unit 1 Instructions: Answer each question in a minimum of 100 words per question, and in APA style formation. Provided will be the reading material for this unit. According to the characteristics of life discussed in the course, a rock is not considered life.Choose one characteristic of life to defend why a rock is not life.Devise an experiment that tests the effects of changing salt concentrations on regeneration of brain cells in Alzheimer’s patients. Define the independent variable, dependent variable and controls you put in your investigation.Compare how ionic, non-polar covalent and polar covalent bonds differ from each other. Be sure to include the following terms in your comparison: electronegativity, stability and polarity.For question number 3, give an example of a compound formed by each of the type of bonds listed. Make sure to give a description of the electron arrangement involved in each bond.Describe the difference between an acid solution and a basic solution at the molecular level.Why is carbon the building block of life? Describe the chemical characteristics of carbon that make it our unique building block.Name the four macromolecules present in all living organisms and tell one function of each type.A cell suddenly loses the ability to produce amino acids. Predict what would happen to this cell and explain your prediction.

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