Essay 2 Assignment SheetImportant DatesThursday July 23 S

Essay 2 Assignment SheetImportant Dates:Thursday, July 23: Share paper draft with Professor via Google docs.Length: 4 to 5 pagesMLA paper format and citation styleFont: Times New Roman, 12-pointDouble-spaced linesOne inch margins all aroundPlease number your pages.Don’t forget to give your paper a title!Overview:For your first essay, you will choose one of your own Canvas Discussion Board posts to revise into a sustained, thesis-driven composition. Your paper should be an analysis of Colson Whitehead’s novel, Zone One, Danny Boyle’s film 28 Days Later, or Junot Díaz’s short story “Monstro.” If you choose to write about one of the two later texts, you will need to watch or read ahead on the syllabus.this is my own Zone One NovelThe first few pages of the novel are marred with many flashbacks. Mark Spitz looks back at his childhood and past in the first pages of the novel. He has reminiscences of the life prior to the plague. He views himself as being mediocre before the plague, for instance, he went through schooling, work and engaged in relationships with little effort. We could argue that his life before the plague was just plain and uninspiring. We identify that he had few friends and he was staying with his parents. However, we are able to identify the zeal and desire Spitz had of living in New York. He considered New York as a ‘magnificent contraption’ where individuals worked in unison. New YorkThe writer instantly offers the perception that New York City is a place in ruins and a place that is ever active. The author argues that the city in death was similar to the time before the plague. The only distinction before and after the plague is that in the latter, there were fewer individuals. This shows the constant activity within the city.American ChecklistThe American checklist is symbolic of the course of life in America. It represents the different stages that an individual goes through in life. The checklist includes different hurdles such as joining kindergarten, preschool, junior high school, college and subsequently succeeding in life. Therefore, the American checklist refers to the different stages people go through before they ultimately attain success in life. The checklist in life exerts a lot of psychological pressure, and I, for one, am not an exception, I really feel the pressure in meeting my checklist.P.A.S.DAccording to the novel, P.A.S.D is Post-Apocalyptic Survivor Dysfunction. The condition presents horrific memories of situations that individuals went through and this, in turn, makes them think and act irrationally and unpredictably. The condition makes it difficult for the victims to form new attachments. The condition has a psychological effect on Mark Spitz as he constantly sees horrific recollections of himself. The acronym P.A.S.D sounds like the word ‘past’. Purpose:The objective of this assignment is to practice revising your own writing and developing one of your own original critical ideas for different writing genres.The objective is also to write a sustained original analysis of a work of art.Instructions:In addition to analyzing one of the above primary texts, please incorporate one of the assigned critical essays into your argument.Kodwo Eshun, “Further Considerations of Afrofuturism”The concept of Afro futurism is an amazing concept that on any other day, before I would not pay attention. Reading about the idea from the posts, I now have a better understanding of what it entails. Well, I am a lover of science fiction, especially music detailing such concepts of the future. However, after reading the post on Afro futurism, I can relate better to what I have watched and heard before. It is interesting to note the history and the conceptualization of Afro futurism. However, on one hand in the article from the New York Times, the paragraph on, “…the term refers loosely…Egyptian and non-Western mythologies, mysticism and magical realism with Afrocentricity, modern technology and science fiction.” The ideas on the quoted lines are lightly confusing. On one hand, the concept of Afro futurism is an implication of past cultures and especially non-Western cultures. However, at the same time it does demystify modernity in terms of modern technology and science fiction. In my view, science fiction largely reflects modern technology in the future. On the other hand, the concept of past cultural concepts integration to modernity is a little unclear. Take for instance in the music video by Missy Elliot, WTF (Where They From) yes I see the concept of futurism in use of science fiction from the dressing and the music tempo and beats, however, tracing the cultural concept is not clear.Meanwhile, reading further I understand what it all means. The idea of Afro futurism takes from the past the ills that the minority go through. The image cast is one of rise in minority power from ills of the past, and a revolution to the future as leaders. Taking the idea from Delany, a science fiction novelist, the idea of minority exclusion is a major issue. In his explanation of racism, he argues that it is a system. The power structures enable racism to persist even in modernity. Yes, I do agree with the writer, and it sheds a light to the concept of Afro futurism.To provide a conclusive perspective, first we need to appreciate the involvement of pop artists in providing a voice and an image to the idea. Secondly, we cannot ignore the fact that time has changed, the future in particular is set to change even more. The concept of Afro futurism is dynamic in nature and ideally, it is bound to give power to the minority. As the writer Womack asserts, “With diversity of the nation and world increasingly standing in stark contrast to the diversity in futuristic works, it is no surprise that Afro futurism emerged.” Lastly, we cannot ignore the power of modern technology that enable the movement and spread of the idea in the world. The concept and culture spreads through the world by technology.Kinitra D. Brooks, “The Importance of Neglected Intersections: Race and Gender in Contemporary Zombie Texts and Theories”Mike Mariani, “The Tragic, Forgotten History of Zombies”One of the articles found by either you or a classmate for the Week 3, Day 1 Discussion board post. i posted it also Your composition should have an introduction with a thesis statement,body paragraphs that draw on evidence from the primary and secondary texts to support and elaborate your ideas.Your paper should include sustained contentions with elements of the primary text. These elements can include thematic issues, aesthetic strategies, character description and characterization, as well as plot events. Your paper should have a conclusion paragraph. This paragraph does not summarize your paper, but it builds upon the idea you make in your original post. What does your reader learn by reading your paper? Where do we go from here? Can you make connections to the present moment and world?

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