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Intermediate Macroeconomics Project

The final project assignment will consist of an in-depth analysis of a news article; it must come from either the Wall Street Journal or The Economist.

The assignment should be written in MLA format, and it should be about 4-5 pages long including graphs.

The mechanics of the assignment:

Typewritten analysis of a news article that will contain three sections.

1) A brief summary of the article.

2) An in depth analysis relating what you have read in the article to some of the models that we are covering/covered in class. Please use at least 3 models in your paper with graphs, tables, and/or charts where fitting. Include an explanation concerning whether the model used is the appropriate economic model to use to explain the contents of the article. Take up why it is appropriate and why it might not be appropriate. Address the time period the model covers (short run or long run) and the time period covered in the article you are analyzing. Please be specific about what models you’re using and cite the chapters and sections of the textbook.

3) A conclusion.

The most important part of the writing is relating what you’ve read in the news article to the models that you’ve learned in class, meaning that you take a sentence or statement from the article and analyze how that factor affects the macro economy using the model that has been developed in class. Note that a formal development of the model is not required. You may need to talk about some of the assumptions that underlie the model when you complete your analysis, but you do not need to show the development of the model. Show the application of the model. The analysis can disagree with the article or show its deficiencies.