Each answer should not exceed one page in length. If yousupp

Each answer should not exceed one page in length. If yousupplement your answer with additional sources, be sure to properly cite thatsource.Whycanaccountingnotdirectlyprovideuswithinformationnecessarytoperform cash flow discounting-based valuations?WhilewatchingJimCramer’sMadMoneyonCNBCyounoticethatcompany valuation and company market price are used interchangeably.Is this usage correct? If so, why? If not, why?ThegoalofaLBOistoimprovetheefficiencyofthebusiness.Shouldtheidiosyncratic risk of the company change during the holding period. If so,does the change in idiosyncratic risk affect any calculation with respect tothe LBO analysis? Why? If not, why?Is there a premium paid to the existing shareholders during the LBOtransaction, i.e., the event of taking the company private? If so,why?Canoneexplainintrinsicvalueusinganenterprisevaluemultiplederived from comparable company valuation? reminder:This is the book which I need the answer from {Investment Banking - Valuation, Leveraged buyouts and Mergers & acquisitions} by Joshua rosenbaum and Joshua pearl.please I need great work.

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