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Use the attachment to do this assignment.  Use chapter 1 only 

 Directions: You will write a research report on a child development or early childhood education theorist, who you find interesting.  Your paper should be no less than 2 1/2  pages and no more than 4 pages long, formatted according to the syllabus.  Find at least two scholarly resources (from a professional journal, LBCC Online Library, or professional organization) that provides  the background information of one person who is a contributor of theory to the field of child development and/or early childhood education (Note:  The textbook may not be one of your resources).  All of your research will be on the same person, however, other theorists may be mentioned in your report if appropriate (e.g., the theorist you selected was a student of another theorist).

The following information is required in your report.

1.  Write a summation of the time period in which the person lived, their country of origin and practice, who influenced their theory, and a general idea of what the common thoughts were about childhood during their time.  What was their interest in the study of children?

2.  Describe their theory and identify specific terms with definitions associated with their theory. If they believed childhood changed in stages, identify the stages and what was to be expected in each stage (Note: only some theorists had “stage theories”).  How did their ideas affect the field of child development or early childhood education?  Was the theory mostly relevant to their time period or do we still use their ideas today? How and why?

3.  What did you learn by studying this theorist and their theory and how might you use the information in your work with children?

4.  Make sure to accurately cite your resources.