Due Saturday July 29 1159 pm (25 points possible) The a

Due: Saturday, July 29, 11:59 pm (25 points possible): The assignment must be submitted in a WORD document, 12-point font, typed and double spaced. If not submitted in a WORD document, then no credit will be given.A. Multiple Choice (2 points each = 20 points)Write 10 multiple-choice test questions.Three of the questions must be based on the Samba material, three questions on bossa nova, and four questions on music of the Arab world material (Chapter 10). Each question must have at least four possible answers. Indicate the correct choice.Only valid questions with correct answers will count. Sample multiple choice questions:1. Which of the following are components of a music-culture?a. ideas about musicb. material culture of musicc. repertories of musicd. all of the above2. The name “Genghis” in the film “Genghis Blues” refers to which of the following statements:a. The Tuvans were horsemen in Genghis Khan’s armyb. Paul Pena’s was know as Genghis Bluesc. The greatest living throat singer is called Genghisd. It is the name of the capital city of Tuva3. Shootingway is a ceremonial that deals with the exploits of the mythic hero:a. Enemy-slayerb. One-sung-overc. Holy-young-mand. Vision-questB. Essay Question (5 points)Write an essay question and answer it. Your answer must be in clear prose and a minimum of two paragraphs to receive full credit.

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