Dsrt-1.3 dissertation topic discussion | Computer Science homework help

An important component of your dissertation is the methodology chosen. Discuss the topic that you are selecting for your dissertation. Locate one article in a peer reviewed journal that closely relates to your topic. Describe the method used, the sample, the population chosen, was there a survey involved in a quantitative study, or a set of questions asked as in a qualitative study. Finally, can you identify the problem the researcher(s) tried to examine?

Your initial posting is to be a detailed, well-organized response to the posed question. In addition to your initial posting, respond to one other classmate’s thread.

Discuss on the topic that we chose for dissertation i,e., “Effectiveness of Bug Bounty Program in preventing  security vulnerabilities associated with Trust Delegations in Hybrid Cloud”

Write 200-300 words on this and one reply of 60-100 words