Divorce | Education homework help

 Identification of the central problem or key issues that should be resolved based on the information provided in the case study. Central problem: People need/seek to get a divorce. The three competitors being looked at in this case study are 1. Untie the Knot: https://untietheknot.ca/?msclkid=b3fc3b6280271dea2a8165e6464a6973&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=UTK-GOO-CA-SE-BRA&utm_term=untie the knot&utm_content=Untie Theknot 2. Ezdivorce https://www.ezdivorce.ca/ 3. Government of Canada Talk about why people seek divorce (can list multiple reasons) and slightly compare and contrast these three divorce competitors.